Finding Your Musical Identity

Finding Your Musical Identity Program in Paris

Songwriting, Production and Performance

Admission requirements

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Program duration

3 Years

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Why choose this program?

  • Define your Artistic Path:  Every artist must realize their own musical identity. Through focused and guided exploration students will discover and develop their individual style, and what makes each of them unique.
  • Refine Musical and Vocal Technique:  Students will broaden their knowledge of contemporary physical and theoretical methodologies and approaches through critical analysis and collaborative projects.
  • Master Performance Skills/Theory to Practice:  Learn how to utilize performance techniques to engage a live audience, create emotion, and ‘sell’ a song.  Music students will benefit from cross-programming with the Theatre Department.
  • Learn how to compose and produce :  To be successful, the modern musician/songwriter must also understand the various technical aspects of the industry, where Art and Technology meet.  Hands-on experience with current composition and production practices will prepare them for careers as performers, or in the recording industry, sound design, cinema, advertising, etc.

Organization of Studies

Year 1:

  • Increase knowledge of music composition/songwriting theory.
  • Put theory into practice by working on the entire cycle of song creation – initial concept through finished piece with the editing software : Logic Pro.
  • Learn the basics of performance and production culminating in a public presentation.

Year 2:

  • Consolidate and refine the skills acquired in year one.
  • Accelerate songwriting/composing studies and projects – as well as learn basic studio/production practices (recording technologies, acoustics, editing software (Logic Pro , etc.)
  • Learn collaborative techniques – how to work with others and not lose your own voice.
  • Perform live onstage every two months in a Parisian venue.
  • Specialization with Cours Florent : 
  • - Acting in English -level one-
  • - Composing for moving image and theater -level one-

Year 3: 

  • Learn music industry business practices and professional communication skills.
  • Learn personal ‘branding’ and self-marketing techniques.
  • Increase your musical vocabulary and knowledge of current industry trends.
  • Advanced studio and live performance production skills.
  • Perform live onstage every two months in a Parisian venue.
  • Specialization with Cours Florent: 
  • - Acting in English -level two- 
  • - Composing for moving image and theater -level two-

Customize Your Studies

“Technical Classes” are optional extra classes to enhance and supplement the core curriculum, which give students additional tools to push their artistic skills even further.  Options include:  Guitar, Piano, additional vocal technique, composing with Logic Pro at Cours Florent Musique, as well as Voice and Speech for performance, Body work, Improvisation, and Text Analysis in conjunction with  the Theatre and Film Department.


  • Candidate completes online questionnaire to assess current artistic and musical knowledge.
  • Candidate schedules online video interview to complete application process.


  • EU-residents : 7 895€

Fees include:

- Annual registration fees and program fees for the Finding your Musical Identity progra

- Technical Classes, extra classes to enhance and supplement the core curriculum

Not included:

- French Language Class

  • Non-EU residents : 7 900€

Cours Florent can only issue visas to non-European students if they follow an intensive program including training hours, technical classes, as well as French lessons.

Fees include a total package of the following classes:

- Finding your Musical Identity (main class fees).

- Technical classes (up to 6h/ week)

- French language class (6h/ week)


Acting in English

Christmas Session in Paris
December 26th to 31st
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