New Training Program for Musicians, Songwriters and Performers

Le Cours Florent, Finding your Musical Identity

Since 2015, our Music Department has been nurturing students' artistic development through our three-year program in French, "Auteur-Compositeur-Interprète," which explores all aspects of music creation. Courses focus on artistic exploration, songwriting, vocal development, musical composition, production, and the performative aspects of music in collaboration with our Theatre/Cinema Department.

Starting September, Cours Florent Musique will launch a new three-year program : "Finding Your Musical Identity." This program, taught in English, provides a unique opportunity for aspiring songwriters, musicians and performers to develop their talents and establish a strong musical identity. Let's take a look at the curriculum.

  • Define artistic identity:

The importance of a clear and authentic artistic identity cannot be underestimated. "Finding Your Musical Identity" encourages students to discover their unique artistic voice and express their personality through music. This program provides a supportive environment for creative exploration, allowing students to develop their own style and stand out in the competitive music industry.

  • Strengthen vocal and musical skills:

At Cours Florent Musique, our training goes beyond songwriting and includes the enhancement of students' vocal and musical abilities. Students will have the opportunity to work on their own compositions as well as collaborate with fellow artists. This stimulating collaboration fosters artistic growth and enables students to develop a broader perspective on music.

  • Master the art of stage performance:

The stage is where artists truly shine and connect with their audience. "Finding Your Musical Identity" incorporates the expertise of Cours Florent's Acting in English Department, allowing students to familiarize themselves with stage performance. They will learn to own the stage and captivate the audience, bringing their musical compositions to life.

  • Understand artistic and technical production aspects:

The program also offers insights into music production techniques and the challenges of the modern music industry. By the end of the program, students will be able to work in various domains such as the music recording industry, live performance, sound design, cinema, advertising, and more.


Photo credit : Suzanne Rault Balet



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