Cours Florent programs in French

Cours Florent Drama programs in French

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Admission requirements

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Program duration

3 years

Cours Florent’s mission to train students to be well-rounded actors is supported by a multitude of complementary disciplines in the drama field. 

Over the course of three years, curriculums are tailored to each student’s needs.  Once admitted, students are introduced to Cours Florent’s trained professors, who allow them to explore their artistic potential. 

Three year professional training in Cinema is offered to all students in their second year.  Also available is a range of specialized courses including singing, dancing, improvisation, musicals, music, and acting in both English and German. 

 Cours Florent also has a youth program that offers training and classes to children and teens, so that students of all ages have the chance to discover the world of theater at their own pace.

As a professional acting school, Cours Florent trains its students in a variety of complementary disciplines with the aim of creating "complete" actors. 

Please vist the French website of Cours Florent, where you can find all programs taught in French.


Acting in English

Christmas Session in Paris
February 27th to March 3rd
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Acting For the Camera in English

Winter Session in Paris
February 27th to March 3rd
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Acting in English Online Workshop

Winter Session online
February 27th to March 3rd
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