Cours Florent Schauspiel auf Deutsch

Cours Florent Schauspiel auf Deutsch

A professional acting program taught entirely in German and open to all students over 18. Auditions open in September of every year.

Admission requirements

no prerequisite - must be above 17 years old



Program duration

3 years

Cours Florent Schauspiel auf Deutsch is a professional acting program taught in German. This year-long program is geared toward native German-speakers and other students fluent in the language. 

This program allows students at any level, from beginner to advanced, to discover the unique Cours Florent teaching style. 

What students learn:

Students work with classic and modern German texts. Native German-speakers are thus able to hone their theater skills in their own language and non-native speakers are able to overcome the language barrier. 

After successfully completing the program, students receive a Cours Florent certificate. 

Main program focus :

  • Dramatic interpretation 
  • Physical expression 
  • Improvisations
  • Diction and vocal techniques

Guestspeakers and masterclasses are also available to students to allow exchange with well-known theater and cinema celebrities: Thomas Ostermeier, Bruno Ganz, Fausto Paravidino.

Students are also invited to international workshops such as F.I.N.D plus by Schaubühne Berlin.

Auditions :

To apply to Schauspiel auf Deutsch, please fill out the application form or contact us.



Acting in English

Summer Session in Paris
July 29th to August 3rd
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