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Acting Programs in French, English, Spanish & German


Acting programs are the historical expertise of Cours Florent. After a first year of common core to acquire the fundamentals of interpretation, students can pick their specialization (camera / theatre). Bilingual tracks are also available.

Music Programs

Since 2013, the Music Department has been offering programs in composition, musical creation, performance and production in both French and English. The program “Finding Your Musical Identity” is fully taught in English.

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Musical Theatre Programs

Created in 2012, the Musical Theatre Department offers French-speaking actors additional program opportunities to study song and dance. Students follow the same interpretation program as their counterparts in the theatre department, with the addition of specialized voice/singing & movement/dancing classes. At the end of their training, students have an expanded arsenal of skills enabling them to audition not only for the theatre and movie projects, but the musical industry as well.

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Acting in English

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