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Professional Acting Training in Spanish

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Program duration

3 years

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Why choose this program?

  • Discover the unique blend of Cours Florent's pedagogy with a fully immersive Spanish language training program.
  • Train with professional actors : all teachers at Cours Florent are acting professionals, fluent in Spanish.
  • Explore the richness of Hispanic and Latin American répertoires.

Organization of Studies:

The year is divided into 4 modules : 

MODULE 1: The Engines of Theatrical Creation

  • Develop physical and vocal awareness, enhancing your presence and relationship with the performance space.
  • Unleash your creativity through scene creation based on non-theatrical texts.
  • Adapt film monologues into captivating stage performances.

MODULE 2: Dramaturgy

  • Analyze classical and modern theatrical texts to deepen your understanding of dramatic storytelling.
  • Engage in group work focused on the construction of textless sequences, utilizing gesture and movement as the core elements of scenic dramaturgy.

MODULE 3: Towards Personal Poetics

  • Immerse yourself in contemporary theater, exploring its diverse themes and styles.
  • Unleash your artistic expression through individual scene creation.

MODULE 4:  Editing

  • Craft compelling montages by selecting and adapting influential theatrical texts.
  • Celebrate your progress with a public presentation at the end of the year ! 

Customize your studies

Enroll in extra workshops in English or in French to expand your acting toolkit ! Choose from improvisation, voice work, dance, and more, tailoring your training to suit your artistic preferences.

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Acting in English

Summer Session in Paris
July 29th to August 3rd
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