Acting in English

Drama School in Paris - Acting in English

This full-time acting program is taught in English and includes intensive French courses.

Admission requirements

Complete the application form or apply to a Summer or Winter Session online



Program duration

3 Years


These drama courses last three years and are based on American and English theater methods and every year contains different exams. The headmaster of the department meets each student in order to fix personal objectives. Students are also given the opportunity to study acting for film and tv. 

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1. Interpretation classes: 9 hours/week

    • 1st Year: Foundations – The focus is put on the basics of scenic expression – physical training, voice and breathing development, basics of scenical interpretation through exercises, trainings and scenical work (modern and classical authors). Exams: With and without Words, Monologues, Scene Work on Classical, Modern or Contemporary Author
    • 2nd Year: In-depth Work – The students have to perfect their techniques (physical expression, voice, interpretation, etc.) with the aim of developing freedom and creativity of scenic propositions and to become more autonomous in the interpretation and the construction work of a character. During this year, the students are confronted with two public presentations. Exams: White Sleeves, Characterization on a classical author, Hinted White Sleeves, Characterization on a contemporary author
    • 3rd Year: Professionalization – The 3rd year is composed of three public shows. All the shows are subtitled in French. Exams: Three public shows, showcases

2. Skill-based technical classes: 3-6 hours/week for first year students

In addition to the interpretation classes, Cours Florent proposes extra classes which are focused on technical work – physical training, voice training, improvisation, etc.

3. French classes: 6 hours/week

This theater-based FLE (Français Langue Etrangère) class aims to combine French language training with the student’s education in drama. It offers a combination of written and oral activities, discovering French culture, acting and interpretation work in French, and projects around theatrical works in the French language.

Training will be held by a professor who has not only a FLE-French-as-a-foreign-language university diploma but who has also obtained a certificate as an actor from the professional curriculum after successfully attending Cours Florent.

4. Masterclasses:

The Cours Florent tries to present to the students diverse professionals of artistic life to give them the possibility to work with different directors and to enlarge their knowledge of the artistic field.


  • Applicants must be over 18 and have completed high school or equivalent.
  • Some experience in acting is a plus but not mandatory.
  • An excellent level of English is required (approx. IELTS 6.0).


EU-residents : 6 115€

Fees include:

  • annual registration fees and program fees for the Acting In English program (main program of 9h of "interpretation class" / week)
  • Technical Classes, extra classes to enhance and supplement the core curriculum

Not included:

  • French Language Class (additional annual fees of 1.700€)

Non-EU residents : 7 900 €

Fees include a total package of the following classes:

  • Main Acting In English Interpretation Class (9h / week)
  • Technical classes (up to 6h/ week)
  • French language class (6h/ week)


The list of our alumni is as long as it is impressive: From Isabelle Adjani to Gad Elmaleh, from Daniel Auteuil, Sophie Marceau, Guillaume Canet, Audrey Tautou to Diane Kruger...They've all trained at Cours Florent

Participating in these theater classes in Paris will provide you with valuable experience and knowledge of the industry.

You can access the details of the curriculum for each year below: