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How to apply to Cours Florent ? 

Option 1 : Upon completion of a workshop, (approximately 90% of our students)

Students without professional acting experience can participate in our open admission workshops, in English, French or German. 

  • Register for a workshop in Paris or online.
  • At the end of the week, audition and, if successful, an invitation is offered to join the school the following September. 

If you participate a workshop in one language but wish to join a program in another language, you will be required to take an additional audition in this language. 

Why follow a workshop ? 

  • For the student : to discover our pedagogy, and determine if it meets your needs. These intensive one-week programs give an introduction to the type of work one can expect in a full course.
  • For us : to recruit prospects more reliably. Seeing a student evolve for several days gives us an overview of his/her skills to date, and a clearer assessment of his/her potential (ability to learn, listen, ask questions, work in a group, etc.). 

What are the prerequisites to join a workshop ? 

None! Workshops are open to everyone, from the age of 17, regardless of previous experience (or lack therof). If you are more than 35 years old and are invited to enter the program at the end of the internship, you will meet a member of the pedagogical team to better determine your goals and expectations.


Option 2 : Open audition, (approximately 10% of our students)

Students who have a previous professional acting background or who have studied for at least one year in a professional drama school are allowed to request entry to the program through a private, scheduled audition.


Acting in English

Summer Session in Paris
July 29th to August 3rd
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