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Started as Studialis International, the Group rapidly grew up into the world leader in independent higher education, led by Marc-François Mignot Mahon. Today Galileo Global Education boasts 210,000 students and operates across 106 campuses in 18 countries.

Since 2011, the organization has prioritized employability and innovation as the central pillars of its strategy. Galileo Global Education is on a mission to empower individuals, regardless of their starting point, to unlock their potential and cultivate sustainable employability through a competency-based pedagogy.

Our vision extends beyond conventional boundaries as we aim to redefine the educational landscape through innovation and the fusion of disciplines, pedagogies, schools, and geographies. Specializing in diverse areas such as digital, commerce, design, digital communication, health, arts, and culture, the Group's schools share a common commitment to higher education principles. These principles include the promotion of interdisciplinary approaches, robust student support, the delivery of high-quality education, fostering an international culture, and facilitating seamless professional integration. At Galileo Global Education, we believe in shaping futures through a holistic and forward-thinking educational experience.

The Galileo Global Education Network:

We're committed to giving your enthusiasm a profession! Management, multimedia, web, finance, cinema, human resources, journalism, international affairs, advertising, culture…

Our variety of choice offers you more options on your university path.

The Galileo Global Education network gives you:

  • A guaranteed level of academic excellence proven by our schools’ global ranking and outstanding reputation.
  • The largest European network of company partnerships to facilitate the successful professional insertion of graduates.
  • Dedicated staff and professors to support you as you define and pursue your career.
  • Interdisciplinary schools within the group provide you with diverse and flexible options during your studies, all whilst enhancing your employability.
  • Internationalization of our programs in France on our campuses which bring together students from all four corners of the globe, and abroad with our various international partners.


International Admissions Procedure:

Galileo Global Education put in place an International Admissions Office, a dedicated international recruitment service responsible for identifying and enrolling talented students like yourself into the renowned Cours Florent, the prestigious Drama School in Paris, part of the Galileo Global Education Group networking.

Application Process:

If you are an international student with a passion for art and theater, taking the first step toward joining Cours Florent is simple:

  • Begin by downloading the application form available on our website.
  • Complete the application form with accurate information.
  • Compile all necessary documents required for admission.
  • Send the filled application form and all required documents to the following email address:

What Happens Next:

Our dedicated teams at Galileo Global Education will promptly review your application. Expect to hear from us shortly after submission. We are eager to discuss your aspirations, explore the possibilities, and guide you towards the appropriate admission department.

At Galileo Global Education, we are committed to making your journey to Cours Florent a seamless and enriching experience. Your passion for art and theater is the first step, and we are here to support you every step of the way.

We look forward to welcoming you to the vibrant world of Cours Florent in the heart of Paris!


The school is a partner of the Prefecture de Police of Paris for the renewal of visas for foreign students.

 The school is a partner of the Prefecture of Police of Paris for the renewal of visas for foreign students

Key Facts about Galileo Global Education:

  • 61 schools around the world
  • 210 000 students per year
  • 100 000 alumni
  • 106 campuses
  • 280 international partners






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