Paloma Fiere, Acting in English and French Student in Paris

Paloma Fiere, Acting in English and French Student in Paris

I started theatre during my last year of school. I then joined the Drama Workshop at Université Paris Diderot, where we played The Welsh Opera, by Henry Fielding. It was the first time I was acting in English, and I loved it! I decided to move to New Zealand for a year to improve my English, for the experience, and also to think about whether or not I wanted to study theatre. That’s where I made the decision to apply for the Acting in English course at Cours Florent.

  • What do you remember about your first / second / third year at Cours Florent?

I was lucky enough to get into the second year straight away with Fabrice Scott. It was challenging at first, but thanks to my fellow students it wasn’t long until I became part of the group. I decided to take a parallel class, which allowed me to have two different teachers, and therefore two different teaching methods. My third year was definitely my favorite at Cours Florent. I started the year working on Tchekov with Olivier Coyette, who gave me a lot of freedom on stage, life-long valuable advice, and with whom I discover an interest in directing. I then did the second half of my third year with Isabelle Duperray. Working with Isabelle was the highlight of my studies. She made me go deeper in my work, she helped me open up more, being more focused, and overall made me a better actress. That is why I decided at the end of my third year I wanted to do a fourth year with Isabelle as her assistant.

  • What advice would you give a future student at Cours Florent? 

Work as hard as you can, and make the most out of it. Those three years are designed to help you become a professional actor, but always remember why you are here, why you want to do this, and who you are as an artist. And don’t forget to have fun! Play. Play. Play.

  • Do you have any ongoing projects or upcoming ones?

I am still working on a TFE (Travail de Fin d'Etudes) we put up last year, Mistreated, a creation written and directed by Lis Dostert. We are hoping to do the Paris and Edinburgh Fringes this summer. I have been doing the lights for another TFE last year, La Commission Des Destins, and still am to this day. We already played it several times at Cours Florent Paris, in Normandy, and in Cours Florent Bruxelles. We will also play at the Festival de Saint Jeannet in June, and in Avignon the entire month of July. I am also currently working with Olivier Coyette on The Bee by Matt Hartley.


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