Priscilla Adade, teacher of Acting in English in Brussels

Priscilla Adade, teacher of Acting in English in Brussels

  • Priscilla, you are a teacher of Acting in English at Cours Florent in Brussels. Could you tell us about your professional background?

After studying Law and American Studies in the U.K. and in the U.S., I went back to ma passion and moved to Paris where I trained at Cours Florent. Best Actress for the Prix Olga Horstig and Lesley Chatterley 2010, I got into the prestigious LAMDA. During my training in London, I started my professional career with some small parts in a couple of French comedies: Mince Alors! By Charlotte de Turckheim and Un plan Parfait by the late Pascal Chaumeil.

I attended LAMDA. After I graduated from this drama school, I decided to stay in London and develop my career there, I was in a short film by Chris Shepherd where I played an animated character, Amber I also worked with my dear friend and great British actor Paterson Josephon The Merchant of Venise for the Royal Shakespeare Company where I played Jessica.

However, France and Belgium projects never stopped and after meeting Dany Boon on the set of Un Plan Parfait, he offered me a part in his film Supercondriaque. Back in the UK, I got my first BBC credit as a guest-lead in Casualty, one of the British iconic hospital dramas.

That same year, I was part of the team of Exhibit B, the beautiful yet controversial play by Brett Bailey, touring in London (where the show was unfortunately cancelled), Poitiers, Paris and Ireland. At the same time as Exhibit B, Alexandra Leclère offered me my first important part in a feature film “Le Grand Partage” alongside Didier Bourdon, Karin Viard, Michel Vuillermoz, Josiane Balasko and many other French actors I admire.

Now back in my home town of Brussels, I have build my own company: PRYSM, a women empowerment events company where I’m producing my second short film for #PrysmOnTheGO I’m obviously very passionate about teaching Acting in English and being able to share the knowledge I have accumulated throughout the years. And, I’m still acting, in various projects, all Belgians this time, a first for me. 

  • On what authors and in which works will your work rely? 

I work with many different methods : Stanislavski, Meisner, Brook, and with various exercices I have come across along the way. This year, we are focussing on contemporary British authors. For the first group, we are working on "Vera Vera Vera" by Hayley Squires, "Happy savages"  by Ryan Craig, "Revolt.She said. Revolt again" by Alice Birch, "Lungs" by Duncan Macmillan, "Closer" by Patrick Marber and I’m still working on selecting the plays for the second group, with lighter plays and more comedies. 

  • Why is it important to learn to work in English when it's not your mother tongue?

Having taken myself the Acting in English class in Paris and then pursuing my training in London really helped me further my career internationally. It opens so many doors but it’s a very different way of working which needs to be learned. Who wouldn’t want to get a shot at a BBC Drama or an American feature film? Thanks to this class, the realms of possibilities are vast and that is precious.



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