Ruchi Ranjan, Acting in English Student in Paris

Ruchi Ranjan, Acting in English Student in Paris

I came to France in 2011 to continue my studies and model career that I had in India. I learned French at Paris Diderot University and then studied at Paris Descartes University - DUT Information - Communication program (Advertising). 

I wanted a gateway to do something else, try something new. I wasn’t sure to continue my career as a model. Cours Florent, Acting in English was a perfect fit for me. It gave a complete new direction to my career, more suitable to my passion and my personality. 

  • What do you remember about your first / second / third year at Cours Florent?

I have a lot of memories of my 3 years. From playing my first monologue in Pierre Dux to starting my career on French TV. I started as a rookie in first year with Marie-Aline Roule. We worked a lot on Meisner technique and on the body movements. Second and third year were pretty intense and demanding. For me, 2nd year was the most enriching. It allowed me to develop the actor inside me. Fabrice Scott taught us and gave all his professional actor’s experience. I use a lot of his acting techniques. Third year was a wonderful year as we played both classical and modern plays. My favorite was classical play because it was a Shakespearian play directed by Isabelle Duperray, head of Acting in English. Thanks to Isabelle Duperray’s advice, I debuted my screen acting career between 2nd and 3rd year. I worked for the French TV series called “Fais pas ci, fais pas ça. This was an amazing experience while I was still a student. 

In all those 3 years, I have met with students from all over the world and made friends for life. It will remain special. Cours Florent is definitely more than a highly recognized French acting school, it’s an international school. 

  • What advice would you give a future student at Cours Florent? 

Be curious! Be limitless and fearless.

Rehearsing out of classes is as important as classes. Don’t wait for fellow actors to go on stage. Always dare! Discipline is everything, find your own balance. Feel comfortable and try everything on stage regardless of “mistakes”. School is made for it, to explore and grab your freedom before your acting career starts. Grow entrepreneur skills and behavior as it is highly required. Feel the joy, get ready to play!

  • Do you have any ongoing projects or upcoming ones?

I have just shifted to London. I am building my career between Paris & London as I speak French and English fluently. My French agent is in Paris taking care of French projects. At the moment, I focus on networking and auditioning for repertory theatres in the UK. Additionally, I have played with a theatre group in Paris every year since 2015. This year, we will play in April-May. We have previously played in Jeune Théâtre National, CNSAD, Théâtre de la Colline and Théâtre de la Cité. 

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