Cours Florent Acting in English

Cours Florent Acting in English admission process

Admissions Process for Acting in English at Cours Florent in Paris

Admission requirements

Complete the application form



Program duration

3 years

Acting in English is a program fully taught in English for actors who want to gain international experience.

Here are the entry requirements to our drama school. Applicants can send the following documents to the email address found on the application form: 

  • Completed application form
  • Copy of passport
  • One original identity photo
  • Short resume in English
  • Statement of purpose
  • One letter of recommendation with contact reference phone & email
  • Copy of most recent diploma completed

Candidates are required to interview over Skype with the program director.

After close examination of each applicant's file, students will receive the amission board’s decision by email.  If admitted, each student will receive an official acceptance letter from Cours Florent.

Cours Florent is able to provide assistance to non-EU students in applying to Campus France and their local French embassy/consulate for their student visa.


September Session in Paris

Acting in English
30th august - 4th september
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