Cours Florent - Finding Your Musical Identity Admission

Finding Your Musical Identity admission process

Admission requirements

Complete the application form or apply to a Session online



Program duration

3 Years


  • Candidate completes online questionnaire to assess current artistic and musical knowledge.
  • Candidate schedules online video interview to complete application process.

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  • EU-residents : 7 850€

Fees include: 

- annual registration fees and program fees for the Finding your Musical Identity program

- Technical Classes, extra classes to enhance and supplement the core curriculum

Not included:

- French Language Class

  • Non-EU residents : 8 500 €

Cours Florent can only issue visas to non-European students if they follow an intensive program including training hours, technical classes, as well as French lessons. please contact

Fees include a total package of the following classes:

- Finding your Musical Identity (main class fees).

- Technical classes (up to 6h/ week)

- French language class (6h/ week)

To learn more about the program, please visit the program page



Acting in English

Winter Session in Paris
February 19th to 24th
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