Sessions - Acting for the Camera in English

 “Acting for the Camera in English” will explore the idea that acting is doing.  It is behavior that is detailed, precise and specific to the character and that rings true in order to capture the imagination of the audience.   


The workshop will cover camera technique; how to work in front of the camera,  how to understand shots and framing; how to work with lighting as well as how to work with a director of photography, operator and assistant.


Through very structured non-verbal and verbal improvisational exercises as well as text and actual scene work, participants will become familiar with the principles of listening, reacting, concentration, learning to work with and connecting to their partners as well as learning how to provoke their imagination and come to discover their own “voice” which makes them unique and different.


In addition, participants will be introduced to screenplay analysis; learning what a scene is;  conflict, rhythm and movement as well as the structure of a screenplay and the utility of characters in telling a film story.


And finally, participants will become familiar with how to be able to help the director achieve his or her vision and above all how to learn humility, teamwork and what it means to serve something greater than oneself – the film.



  • Camera technique (shots, framing, movements, working with lighting, etc.)
  • Structured improvisation (verbal/non-verbal)
  • Listening/reacting
  • Concentration
  • Imagination/storytelling
  • Character building (inside out/outside in)
  • Action/objectives
  • Backstory
  • Scene structure
  • Screenplay analysis 
  • Text work
  • Working with film crew

Students will have direct feedback as we review all material that has been shot in class.


Acting for the Camera in English Workshop in Paris:

The workshop includes 36 hours of class time

  • Day 1-6: 10am to 5pm (break from 1pm to 2pm)

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