First year Acting in English

Drama School in Paris - First Year Acting in English

Curriculum details

Admission requirements

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Program duration

3 Years

Acting in English is open to students 18 and older who have an excellent level of English. First and second year students have four exams per year, while the third year students have three exams and one show every eight weeks.

Students have also individual meetings with the program director after each exam in order to evaluate their progress and to define personal objectives.

The program includes drama courses, discovery of French Artistic life (tours, conferences, workshops...), theater-based French classes, social activities (theater, museums, festivals...), and preparation for international auditions.

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Year One Curriculum 

Developing acting tools such as voice, body, and language.

This year is divided into four parts, each with a final exam: 

1. With and without Words

The objective of this first module is to work on the body and speech: how to separate them to be able to put them better together. This exercise targets making the young actor become aware of the importance of words through the body. Words, voice, and language must appear clearly and the body must serve the words.

2. Monologues

Speech and body united, the following project allows students to learn the codes of Anglo-Saxon performance and to establish physical foundations: breathing, voice, body, text. It’s about the self, the text, the space, and the publi

3. Scene Work on a Classical Author 

After doing a presentation and story alone, this exam allows students to begin interacting with others and to approach action/reaction through classical scenes with two or several characters. This performance reinforces the skills from the first two exams by establishing objectives related to listening and reacting. This leads to the birth of the character.

4. Scene Work on a modern or contemporary author

The last exam of the first year allows students to deepen their understanding of characters by putting the learned methods to use on modern or contemporary scenes with two or several characters. 

The first year emphasizes action/reaction by focusing on Meisner and Stanislavski methods:

      • Developing voice through breathing techniques 
      • Developing body language