First year Acting in English

Drama School in Paris - First Year Acting in English

Curriculum details

Admission requirements

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Program duration

3 Years

Acting in English is open to students 18 and older who have an excellent level of English. First and second year students have four exams per year, while the third year students have three exams and one show every eight weeks.

Students have also individual meetings with the program director after each exam in order to evaluate their progress and to define personal objectives.

The program includes drama courses, discovery of French Artistic life (tours, conferences, workshops...), theater-based French classes, social activities (theater, museums, festivals...), and preparation for international auditions.

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The first year of study focuses on the foundations of the actor’s craft and key skills every performer needs. Students will be introduced to the fundamental elements of acting technique, the psychology and process of acting, as well as major practitioners/schools of thought, scene study, and ensemble work. Rehearsal techniques will be reviewed, and students will be encouraged to develop an individual approach to preparation and the work.  

This year is about process rather than presentation or performance. Emphasis is on building an actor’s toolkit and expanding knowledge of the profession.   4 assessments - called “échéances” - punctuate the year. 

#1 From screen to stage 

During the first module, you'll work on scenes from series and films, focusing on technical aspects, breath, and body work. 

#2 One and many 

You will perform a monologue and create a narrative chorus with the entire class. It can involve physical theatre, poetry, songs, dance...The notions of objectives, actions and tactics are to be introduced, so you can start getting the grasp of the necessary storytelling awareness. 

#3 Group contrasts 

You will get to work on collective scenes from the modern era (1854 - 1970) and learn to carry the arc of a scene over a longer time. Each student will be a part of two different scenes, once as a main character, then as a supporting character. 

#4 Scene study and monologue 

For your final module, you will focus on a 21st century dialogue scene. The technical elements of breath, physical freedom, objectives, actions, tactics and stakes should be present in your work.  

Camera workshop  

An introduction to acting in front of the camera. You will explore how the skills you have gained this year have to be adapted to fit a different storytelling medium.