The Second Year

Second Year Acting in English in Paris

Curriculum details

Admission requirements

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Program duration

3 Years

Furthering voice, body and language development through public representations.

The second year is about extending voice, language and body learning through an independent presentation and two public shows. Meisner and Stanislavski methods guide students on the path of free performance.

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The year includes :

1. White Sleeves

This private presentation takes place early in the year, about three to four weeks after the beginning of the program. Each student must present a three to four-minute creation of his or her choosing without the intervention of an instructor. The goal of this exercise is to push the young actor to affirm his/her choices and to showcase his/her artistic sensibility. All proposals are valid if the actor fully dedicates himself.

2. Characterization on a Classical Author

This is the continuation of the first year’s work on characterization, but this time with a focus on classics. This presentation is the first public show students do at the school. Tackling classic authors (prior to Chekov) allows for an understanding of the literature and history that the body must integrate in a different way. Pronunciation and language, when different from one’s own, require flexibility and adaptability.

3. Hinted White Sleeves

This exam encourages the student to deepen his creativity by acting out a given excerpt of a play chosen by the instructor. This exercise is about learning to affirm choices as well as listening to instructions.

4. Characterization on a Contemporary Author

The theme of this first public show is a modern or contemporary author. After being exposed to the classics, the actors are offered writing they may find closer in terms of the modernity of the language. This exercise is about understanding each other and consolidating skills that allow for successful choices.