Free English Scholarship Auditions

Free English Scholarship Auditions

This contest is exclusively reserved for students of Cours Florent. The admissions for the 2019 Free English Scholarship audition are now open till the 28th of April ! Audition now and try to win your place at Cours Florent. 

To sign up for the Free English Scholarship Audition, you must be above 17 years of age



Program duration

1 year

Obtaining the Free English scholarship gives students access to one year of free tuition fees for the Acting in English course and free access to "French foreign language classes" at Cours Florent in Paris. 

The highly-competitive contest is open to every student who is at least 17 years old. The selection process takes place in two rounds.

For the first round (22 & 24 of May 2019), the candidates must present: 

  • A three-minute contemporary monolog (20th or 21st century) in English AND
  • A three-minute monolog in verse (in English)

Each candidate can present the scenes in the order of their choice. The jury can ask each candidate questions. The day and hour of their convocation to the first round will be sent to them via e-mail, after confirmation of their request.

The candidates chosen for the second round (in the middle of June 2019) will receive a compulsory scene. They will have to prepare for the indicated part. The other part will be performed by a student of Cours Florent. The jury can ask each candidate questions.

Every year, two English scholarships are provided by Cours Florent.

  • English proficiency : The students have to be fluent in English in order to understand the texts and the teachers’ indications and to express themselves on stage. The language skills should not be a hindrance. 
  • French proficiency : The mastery of the French language is not required if the student only attends the Acting in English department at Cours Florent (at the same time there is a possibility of joining the French section if the students’ French-level is sufficient).

Acting in English

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July 1st to 6th
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