Teen Acting Courses

Teen Acting Courses

Cours Florent Jeunesse in Paris has created a program called “Teen Acting”. The latter is exclusively dedicated to teenagers. 

This program concerns students who are at least 13 years old and at most 17 years old. 

It allows native-speaking students and others with an excellent level of English, to discover the jewels of English Theatre. They will dive into the culture of “Acting in English” by being constantly exposed to English and American playwrights. 

The “International Theatre Vibe” will be transmitted to them highly trained and qualified teachers. 

An audition in our drama school will determine the candidate’s admission into the program. You can register online for your “Teen Acting” audition through our website. 


  • September-January 

Collective Original Piece: collective work based on a main theme chosen by the teacher. The group uses imagination in order to create a piece. The use of varied artistic mediums is encouraged (drama, novels, pictures, paintings, exhibitions, music, cinema…). 

  • February-May 

Monologues and Scenes: a monologue or a scene from either the classical or the contemporary repertoire. 

An individual report is sent to the parents at the end of each semester. 


  • Getting to know how to do your own research 
  • Knowing how to invent, to react, to spot your objectives, and make intention choices 
  • Understanding the dramaturgical structure within a scene or a monologue 

A bilingual teacher will be in charge of giving class. 

Admissions depend on the audition process, which will be held beginning of September. You can register on line in French for the new audition

The number of admitted students per/class is limited to 22 maximum. 

Pre-requisites: An excellent level of English/bilingual. 


  • Saturdays 2 pm- 5 pm 
  • Site "Jaurès" - 37-39 avenue Jean Jaurès 75019 Paris-France

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