Finding your Musical Identity

Finding your musical identity, Le cours florent


Admission requirements

All the information that you need is on our Brochure below



Program duration

3 years

Join Cours Florent, the school where everybody has the same passion – MUSIC!
Songwriting, Production And Performance

Why choose this program?

  • Define your Artistic Path: through focused and guided exploration
  • Refine Musical and Vocal Techniques: through critical analysis and collaborative projects
  • Master Performance Skills with Theory to Practice approach & benefit from cross-programming with the Theatre Department
  • Learn how to compose and produce: through hands-on experience with current composition and production practices                                   

 Join us to:

  • Live your passion
  • Improve your talent and your capacity to perform in public
  • Sharpen your expertise
  • Develop your network
  • Have a degree that allows you to work in France and abroad


Come and be part of an atmosphere where you can explore your creativity and where all students talk music


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