Acting in English Winter Workshop: feedbacks

Acting in English Winter Workshop: feedbacks

What did they think about this week ?

  • Nicolas : Last week's workshop with Olivia has been an amazing experience ! Olivia is a talented, dynamic, empathetic and joyful person, teacher and actress. I feel like I really learned from this week: about myself, about communicating with others, about expressing myself and focusing on the things I love. So thank you to Olivia, and to the Cours Florent for giving us amateurs the opportunity to access such workshops. I felt more valued and stimulated in the span of one week of drama training than in 2 years of college.


  • Noemie : It was such a nice experience to work with Olivia and I really appreciated her rigor and her way of working. I felt so lucky to have been able to work in an incredible place as the Cours Florent. This workshop allowed me to improve my acting skills, my english but first of all, it opened my mind and strengthen my idea of becoming an actress, hopefully being accepted for The Cours Florent training next year. The workshop went so fast, I wish it was longer but anyways that was an incredible experience.


  • AchilleI really enjoyed the workshop. The teacher was very dedicated, cared for each and one of us, and was very dynamic, which particularly contributed to creating a pleasant working atmosphere. I would definitely recommend this workshop to anybody willing to get a taste of theatre formation.

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