Acting for Film and Television - Summer workshop

Acting for Film and Television - Summer workshop

This one-week summer workshop in English offers participants a chance to discover, in Paris, acting in front of the camera and to learn about the fundamentals of drama in film and television. The workshops allow them to better understand the specificities of acting in this context: being conscious of shot types, the role of technicians, and framing so as to better position and express themselves in the given space, and being aware of the nuances between acting for the camera and acting for theater on a stage. Participants also learn about the cinema 'workflow' and production crew roles, so as to know how actors collaborate on-set with a film director, a production team, and a camera crew.

Actors who participate in the workshop work on rehearsing and performing various scenes, which are filmed. They write creative monologues to perform in front of the camera and prepare short scenes from films with other actors. Throughout the workshop, students are also introduced to the technology and history of filmmaking, and are given an opportunity to take part in the filming of scenes and monologues as a camera or sound crew member. Overall, the workshop includes both short lectures, rehearsals, the filming of the performed monologues and scenes, and the screening of participants' edited scenes.

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