Alix Blumberg Professional actor training

Cours Florent Student - Professional Actor training

Can you tell us about your background before joining Cours Florent?

I was enrolled at the Regional Ballet Conservatory of Bordeaux for ten years, and next, I was doing some musicals, that's what made me realize that I liked the theater.So I stopped  the conservatoire, and i enrolled to a drama school.

After that i enrolled in an internship at Cours Florent (I had already done an internship when I was a teenager and I wanted to experience it again).

Why did you choose the Actor training of Cours Florent?

It's been four years now that I am at Cours Florent Drama school, the first year was mainly an initiation. During the second year, I had a teacher who taught me a lot and withouthim i wouldn't have the necessary acting tools to succeed in this domain. In addition to the main acting course, I took specialized courses in posture, song and dance. In the third year I had two other teachers, both with their own relatively antagonistic methods, which was particularly formative: one allowed me to discover myself, and the other driven me to forget myself in favor of pure text.

My first goal when i arrived at Cours Florent was to learn, but also to create my network,  and that's what happened.Now I have several small groups, we have set up shows and we try to play most of the time in different places.

Nothing is linear and acquired in this business, you have to be truly passionate!

What are for you the strengths of the Cours Florent training?

What I find amazing in this theater school, is the diversity of teachers, their journey, their methods, allowing us to keep only what we need. From the student side, there is a great diversity in their profile and experiences, all form an extremely rich backgrounds and trainings.



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