Apply now to Acting in English in Paris

Apply now to Acting in English in Paris

Acting in English in Paris is a three-year program available to students of all levels of experience who would like to further discover drama in the English language.  The program employs a variety of different acting methods and uses interpretation classes to teach student to express themselves through their voice and body.  Students also have the option of adding technical classes to their curriculum.Incorporated into the curriculum are French classes, designed to introduce students to the French language in a theatrical setting.  Students who make significant progress with French have the option later of participating in French acting classes in addition to the Acting in English classes. 

Once students advance to the second year of the program, they begin performing in shows open to the public.  These performances are more frequent for third year students, who are preparing for shows opening every six to eight weeks.

In order to apply, students must send in their applications by email and interview over Skype with the program director.  If accepted, they will audition in our drama school once in Paris in late September before the start of the program.  These auditions will allow the headmaster to assess each student and assign them to their appropriate level.


Acting in English

Summer Session in Paris
July 1st to 6th
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