Drama school or university?

Study acting at a drama school or at a university?

So you would like to study drama, and you are still wondering whether you should try to get into a drama school a or go to university? Which is best for you? Well, it really depends on your goals and expectations. In this article we will go over the pros and cons of each option. Also, there are multiple differences between American and British acting schools, we wrote an article covering this topic.  



While their programs do include some practical theater classes, universities have more of an academic approach to teaching. Curriculums usually include:

  • Drama theory
  • History of theater
  • Dramatic analysis
  • Writing essays
  • Dramaturgy
  • Greek and Roman theater

In addition, you have the chance to explore several additional subjects:

  • English
  • Literature
  • History
  • Directing

Generally speaking, these degrees are more catered towards students interested in working in the theater industry, but not necessarily wants to become professional actors. It clearly appears that universities and colleges don’t equip you with sufficient acting skills. 


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What are the advantages of drama schools over universities?

Programs specifically aimed at training actors

If you are passionate about acting and want to be become an actor, then a drama school is perfect for you. Why? Because their primarily goal is to train actors. They provide focused, intensive programs centered around acting. Therefore, they include all-day training, from 9 to 6. There you’ll learn acting techniques and how to apply them effectively. 

Naturally, the courses are very practical: 

  • physical training
  • movement classes
  • breathing techniques
  • scene work
  • improvisation 


A good reputation to boost your resume

Acting schools have the added benefit of building their reputations over time, which is great for your resume. Indeed, if an establishment has a reputation of training talented actors, needless to say It will influence potential employers. 


A selective entry process

Generally speaking, you must succeed an audition to join such establishments, and auditioning for a drama school is no easy task, as they are more selective than universities.

On the upside, going to the former, you’ll have better chance to train alongside fellow students with great potential, learn from each other and build tight-knit relationships. 


Building your network in the theater industry 

Ties with the professional world are a major advantage of drama schools. You get to meet people actively involved in the industry, such as teachers. Building your network start while you are still in school, this is a way to boost your career early on. 




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