NEW 2019: Cours Florent in Berlin

New theater and cinema acting courses in Cours Florent Berlin

At the end, the participants of the theater workshop will present their work on stage and the trainees of the Cinema training course will present their film shots.

Simone Strickner, pedagogical director at Cours Florent, states: "In the German-speaking countries, theater and performance are diverse and dynamic. Cours Florent has been running for more than 50 years. The school has always had a very international approach - we also teach in German and in English in Paris. Bringing our content to the German metropolis of theater and art is fantastic and we are delighted with the cooperation with Macromedia University of Applied Sciences."

The pedagogy of these courses has therefore been well adapted to the needs of German actors but retain what has made the reputation and history of Cours Florent for more than 50 years. The first workshop focuses on acting on stage and the second on acting in front of the camera.

Theater Workshop: Creating intensity on stage

It begins with an introduction to theatrical performance. The exercises focus on the techniques of breathing and speaking and, more generally, on the reinforcement of self-confidence. The participants work on classical, modern and contemporary theater scenes. The professors, experienced professionals, will accompany the participants in the development of their scenic imagination and the strengthening of their abilities of concentration and observation.

Cinema Workshop: the passion on screen

This second workshop begins with the introduction to the cinematographic language and the requirements of the genre. It's about discovering yourself on the screen and developing your imagination. The exercises reinforce not only your own expression, but also your capacity for concentration and observation. The work on the screenplay and the role is an important part of this week's pedagogy. The student focuses on the dialogue, the expression of the emotions and the relation with the screen and with the screen partners.

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  • M33 Höfe, Mehringdamm 33 - 10961 Berlin - Germany

Acting in English

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July 1st to 6th
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