Anna Radunsky, Acting in English and French Student in Paris

Anna Radunsky, Acting in English and French Student in Paris

I was born in a Russian family in New York and moved to Rome when I was eight years old. When I finished high school, I moved to Paris, initially only to learn French. I fell in love with the city and decided I wanted to stay, but I didn’t really know exactly what I wanted to study and who I wanted to be. One day my friends decided to sign me up to the “stages d’accés” at Cours Florent. It was an amazing experience and a chance to discover theater. So when I got accepted to the 3-year-program, it was obvious that this was what I wanted to do with my life.

  • What do you remember about your first / second / third year at Cours Florent?

These past three years where about getting the chance to work with some wonderful teachers, each different and unique in their technique. Each year brought new difficulties for me to overcome as an actress, but above all each year taught me perseverance and discipline and love for the people that surrounded me and shaped me into who I am now.

  • What advice would you give a future student at Cours Florent? 

To work as hard as you can from the first day of your first year, and to work harder and harder each day. To love the people that surround you, because at the end of the day it’s not a competition but an enormous family of creative bright young people.

  • Do you have any ongoing projects or upcoming ones?

I am currently working on a personal project, trying to create an international collective of actors. I also just got cast in a play that started out as a TFE last year with some friends from Acting in English.


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